Peter and Kate Kim’s Newsletter 2015-June.

As Waters Cover the Seas
Meaningful Encounters

After we have been back, we have had many meaningful visits with people. I love sharing time together with people and sharing memories, meals, laughter, tears, joy, hopes, dreams, and stories; stories of what God has been doing in and through the lives of people is a great encouragement to us. Some of our times have been shared with our old friends who have started the journey of following Jesus some years ago. Also, we have been meeting with our mentors and friends. There are also new relationships developing through new season in our lives. Among these new relationships have been related to our children’s school community; as children are older, we find that there are more involvement with teachers, staff, admin, and parents. Another relationships that developed was, through Josiah playing soccer with group of two dozen middle-aged Indonesian drivers once a week; this odd chance came about through a relationship that was forged many years ago with a young man, walking with him and mentoring him through thick and thins of life. Please pray that more meaningful relationships and dialogues will develop through playing soccer together. We hope to have these meaningful visits and relationships develop into opportunities to share more of His kingdom.

Let us share one of many encouraging story of how God is working through lives of the people through prayers. One day Ibu(Mrs.) Teddy had came to us to share that her mother is having a sharp pain on right side of her lower abdomen for several days and needed to be taken to the hospital. Ibu Teddy, Kate and I gathered together to pray for her mother before she went to visit her mother at the hospital who lived two hours away to admit her to the hospital. We were quite familiar with the telltale signs of appendicitis from when Kate had to get an emergency surgery to remove her swollen and inflamed appendix thirteen years ago. We prayed for Ibu Teddy’s mother’s appendix not to have burst, and for healing. Her mother was admitted to the hospital and was under observation for five days; her appendix did not burst but her symptoms were not getting any better and the doctor told her that they will have to do a surgery to remove her appendix in two days time. Ibu. Teddy was back home and was planning to visit her mother again for the surgery; in the mean time, Ibu Teddy, network of women who follow Jesus, Kate, the kids and I kept praying and Ibu Teddy got the news from her older sister that her mother was well and no surgery is needed. Ibu Teddy’s mother shared that she had a dream like experience although she was not sleeping (vision) and a man dressed in shining white robe came and hugged her and told her that she was loved and that she will be healed and put his hand on her abdomen where it hurt. She had the same vision again the following night (night before the surgery) and when the doctor came in the morning to check on her was shocked to see that she was completely healed, there were not even little bit of pain left on her abdomen and she was fit to return home after precautionary observation and tests.

We sensed excitement and hope while Ibu Teddy share her mother’s story with us we prayed together to give thanks to the Father. We encouraged her to visit her mother over the long weekend and share with her about what has happen and how Jesus had visited her and cleansed her illness; however the morning when Ibu Teddy was to leave to go to her mother, she found her legs swollen and unable to walk her lips were swollen and had difficulty speaking. When Ibu Teddy shared with us about what had happened to her over the weekend, we felt that the enemy did not want her to share about what had happen to her mother and was interfering with her. We prayed for her legs and the swelling and against the work of the enemy and saw the improvement in her walking. Romans chapter 10 verse 14–15 came to my mind, “But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Two things stood out to us; first, how will her mother and the family back home hear if no one is sent to preach; second, how beautiful her swollen feet looked that wants to carry the good news where ever she goes. Please pray for wisdom, strength, and protection for everyone who shares the good news; may the meaningful encounters with the Lord continue to spread with people as we continue to build meaningful relationships with people around us.

Kate’s Medical Follow-up
A quick update on Kate’s health; the results from Kate’s follow-up health check up showed that the Kate is healing well from the surgery although there were some concern with her mammogram results, they were concerned about what they saw but was not able to clarify at the time; the doctors were not very clear on giving her definitive answers or recommendations. After getting back we did some search that led to a recommendation to a very capable specialist who was able to see her; she made an appointment with the specialist and made another plan to go back for a more detailed diagnosis that entails biopsy with the specialist. She had initial meeting with the specialist and is currently waiting results from the biopsy (six places); she reported that he was very capable and was able to explain clearly options at hand and possible outcomes following the results. Thank you for praying so that we were able to find really great specialist. Kate arrived safely in Korea Sunday (6/7) and has met with the specialist on Monday (6/8), after the biopsy results on Friday (6/12); she will have clear treatment options to pursue. After that she will undergo recovery process coupled with eastern medicine and prayer at the retreat center in Busan over a month time. Will you pray and hope with us for a deep healing for her body and for her spirit at this time?

Children: New Season
Josiah had his middle school promotion and will be a high-school student; and Lydia had her fifth grade promotion and will be a middle-school student next fall. We are thankful that the children have had no difficulty making friends and adjusting to the new school. It is hard to believe that we are now parents of a high-schooler, please pray that we would always lead them in the right path and set a good example for them.

• Would you lift up Kate’s health and treatments in your prayers?
• Please pray for our long-term teaching visa to be granted.
• Your continued prayer for wisdom, strength, and protection for all the laborers carrying the good news is much appreciated.
• Uplift our family that we would always walk in His power, grace, joy, love, and peace.


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